TeknoRC NB48.3

I received my NB48.3 same time as few other TeknoRC drivers got their EB48.3 kits. Of course building it started as soon as possible.

All parts are divided to small bags that consist parts to make one bigger item to car eg. parts of each diff are in separate bags. Instruction manuals quality is good and is printed in color. While assembling all parts were in right bags so there were no need to look for needed parts from other bags as in some kits i have assembled before.

Quality of parts is really good, there is no need to tweak any parts as they fit nicely unless instructed in manual like suspension arm hinge pin holes.

Diffs were first ones to be assembled and they were only thing i didn’t setup like instructed in manual. Manual setup was 5-5-5 for diffs but i decided to go with 7-7-3 diffs. Manual instructed to put one shimm to each side of diffs but i found out that one in gear side of diff gives smoothest fit of diff to gearboxWP_20160330_19_30_54_Rich

Rear was next it order and and building went smoothly and no problems were seen.  Rod end installation to turnbuckles gave impression that those never break  as they are made of really sturdy stuff. Manual instructed to use 4mm reamer for hinge pin holes in arm but i have been using 4.2mm drill bit that will make hole almost perfect.

Rest of assembly went as smoothly as it begun and after few evenings all those bags were transformed to beautiful looking M8 Nitro buggy.


One nice detail that i haven’t seen in other nitro cars was that tank has route for excess fuel to go you through plate and not to drip all over bottom plate.


Next step was go get body painted and trimmed and put some stickers on.


Last step is to wait for weather to warm up and then its time to hit track and start enjoying this piece of perfection.